Clos Mi­ra­­bel is a beau­ti­­ful fif­­­teen-acre es­­­ta­te bet­ween coast and moun­­­tains. Its 18th Cen­­tu­ry Manor House is set in pri­­­va­te park­­­land amidst the gen­­­tle hills of Ju­ran­çon with mag­ni­­f­i­­cent un­in­ter­rup­t­ed views out over vine­­­yards to the en­tire chain of the Py­rénées At­lan­ti­ques. A haven of peace, ev­er chan­ging light and tran­qui­l­li­­­ty, it is the per­­­fect lo­­­ca­­­tion for Pain­t­ing Ho­li­­­days. Th­ese ful­ly catered week long cours­es will be an artis­tic and gas­tro­nom­ic ex­pe­ri­ence to feed the soul and fill the sens­es.


Clos Mira­bel is de­light­ed to be host­ing a se­ries of art ate­liers in June 2020 with in­ter­na­tio­n­al­ly renowned artists Sara Dud­man, Gre­go­ry Ma­son and Eban. The cours­es fo­cus on each artist’s spe­cial­ism and are pro­vid­ed in small groups with a max­i­mum of 12 par­ti­ci­pants. Cours­es in­clude group and in­di­vi­d­u­al tui­tion, ex­cur­sions and meals. Th­ese resi­den­tial paint­ing cours­es at Clos Mira­bel Manor in South West France are suit­able for a range of lev­els and aim to help par­ti­ci­pants to ex­pand their artis­tic skills. The breath­tak­ing pano­ra­ma at Clos Mira­bel of­fers in­cred­i­ble in­spi­ra­tion.


Ex­pres­sive Land­s­cape with Sara Dud­man RWA
Mixed me­dia

Dates: 6 June 2020 – 13 June 2020
Lev­el: Be­gin­n­er to In­ter­me­di­ate
Lan­guage: En­glish/French
Sin­gle Oc­cu­pan­cy: From 1745€ to 2045€ in­clud­ing tui­tion, all art ma­te­rials & full board
Shared Oc­cu­pan­cy: From 1445€ to 1745€ in­clud­ing tui­tion, all art ma­te­rials & full board
Non paint­ing par­ti­ci­pants: From 995€ to 1395€ full board
All ma­te­rial is pro­vid­ed for this course


About the artist
Sara Dud­man is an elect­ed aca­demi­cian of The Roy­al West of Eng­land Acade­my. Fur­ther to her Mas­ter’s de­gree in De­sign & Man­u­fac­ture for which she was award­ed a dist­inc­tion, she spent many years in high­er ed­u­ca­tion. This, and her own ca­reer as an artist have pro­vid­ed a rich and en­rich­ing ex­pe­ri­ence that she cont­in­ues to share in her own art­work and as a con­sul­tant in high­er ed­u­ca­tion, arts’ or­gan­i­sa­tions, gal­leries and mu­se­ums. Sara ex­hibits her work on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. She was a judge for the Sun­day Times Wa­ter­colour Com­pe­ti­tion 2015 and 2016, and is of­ten asked to se­lect work for ex­hi­bi­tions.

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About the course
A se­mi-ab­s­tract paint­ing and draw­ing course with artist Sara Dud­man RWA. Root­ed in land­s­cape tra­di­tions, this course en­cour­ages par­ti­ci­pants to un­lock their po­ten­tial to cre­ate high­ly per­so­n­al re­spons­es to the en­vi­ron­ment around Clos Mira­bel. Per­so­n­alised tu­tor­ing to de­vel­op prac­ti­cal skills in paint­ing and draw­ing across a range of me­dia, tech­niques and sur­faces is cen­tral to this course. We will ex­plore rep­re­sen­ta­tio­n­al, ab­s­tract and con­cep­tu­al in­ter­pre­ta­tions of land­s­cape. We will gather vi­su­al in­for­ma­tion, in­clud­ing sketch­es, video and pho­tog­ra­phy, out­side in the stun­n­ing French Pyre­nean moun­tain land­s­cape, and de­vel­op ideas through paint­ing and draw­ing back in the stu­dio. Core prin­ci­ples of com­po­si­tion, colour, tone and form will be ex­plored, pro­vid­ing par­ti­ci­pants with the foun­da­tions to achieve the lev­el of ab­s­trac­tion / rep­re­sen­ta­tion they are look­ing for in their art­work. Dur­ing the course par­ti­ci­pants will use a wide range of ma­te­rials, tools and sur­faces and will be en­cour­aged to work on dif­fer­ent scales, cre­at­ing both small in­ti­mate studies along­side more ex­pres­sive, ex­per­i­men­tal larg­er-scale dy­nam­ic works. A loose­ness of style, vi­tal­i­ty and ges­tu­ral marks are the hall­marks of Sara’s paint­ings. Dur­ing the course, she will guide par­ti­ci­pants through tried and trust­ed tech­niques for lett­ing go and cre­at­ing paint­ings and draw­ings which cap­ture and ex­press the mood of the land­s­cape us­ing a rich colour palette. Lib­er­ate the in­n­er artist within you in this full week-long paint­ing course at Clos Mira­bel, Pau, SW France.

Paint­ing with Pas­sion and Pur­pose with Gre­go­ry Ma­son
Oil paint­ing

Dates: 13 June 2020 – 20 June 2020
Lev­el: For ex­ist­ing artists who wish to build new skills
Lan­guage: En­glish
Sin­gle Oc­cu­pan­cy: From 1745€ to 2045€ in­clud­ing tui­tion & full board
Shared Oc­cu­pan­cy: From 1445€ to 1745€ in­clud­ing tui­tion & full board
Non paint­ing par­ti­ci­pants: From 995€ to 1395€ full board
All ma­te­rial is pro­vid­ed for this course


About the tu­tor
Greg Ma­son is an award-win­n­ing fig­u­ra­tive pain­ter cre­at­ing at­mo­spher­ic scenes that are vi­su­al­ly and tech­ni­cal­ly strik­ing whilst hold­ing a deep­er nar­ra­tive. His ­work is high­ly col­lectable with ac­co­lades in­clud­ing Saatchi’s ‘One to Watch’, Fi­nal­ist on both Sky Arts Por­trait and Land­s­cape Artist of the Year TV shows and UK Cass Art Paint­ing Am­bas­sa­dor.
Based in De­von in the UK, Greg is an Aca­demi­cian with the South West Acade­my and reg­u­lar­ly teach­es work­shops and mas­ter-class­es through­out the world. He ex­hibits in Lon­don at the presti­gious Mall Gal­leries and is rep­re­sent­ed by Noon Pow­ell Fine Art.

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About the course
This is a unique in­vi­ta­tion to paint un­der the gui­dance of award-win­n­ing artist Greg Ma­son in the stun­n­ing sett­ing of the French Pyre­nees. Dis­cov­er a deep­er pas­sion for paint­ing as you learn new skills and con­nect them with your true pur­pose as an artist. Greg will lead you on a jour­ney of cre­a­tive dis­cov­ery to find greater free­dom of ex­pres­sion, to cap­ture deep­er emo­tion in your work and to en­able a new lis­ten­ing for you own artists’ in­n­er voice. Through a com­bi­na­tion of de­mon­s­tra­tion and hands-on prac­ti­cal ses­sions ‘Paint­ing with Pas­sion and Pur­pose’ will take you on a jour­ney to dis­cov­er more about your­self as an artist and to learn from a great pain­ter some of the se­crets of more sk­il­ful paint­ing.

Coach­ing Ses­sions
As an add­ed bonus we are de­light­ed to an­nounce the par­ti­ci­pa­tion of the high­ly re­spect­ed Pro­fes­sio­n­al Life Coach, Kel­ly New­land, whose skills in fa­cil­i­tat­ing cre­a­tive per­so­n­al de­vel­op­ment will en­hance the prac­ti­cal artist skills of our paint­ing ses­sions. As Kel­ly joins our end of day eval­u­a­tions, she will help us look deep­er and hard­er at the things that set us free or hold us back as artists, sett­ing per­so­n­al goals that will con­nect our artis­tic prac­tice to our core val­ues and de­vel­op a lis­ten­ing for that all im­por­tant in­n­er voice.

Ma­te­rials and Equip­ment
All equip­ment and art ma­te­rials will be pro­vid­ed by your train­er – but you are wel­come to bring your own ma­te­rials if you pre­fer. Par­ti­ci­pants will need to spe­c­i­fy if they pre­fer work­ing in Oils or Acrylics and have room in their bags for a card­board tube 50cm long to take home their paint­ings.

From Fig­u­ra­tive to Ab­s­trac­tion with Eban

Dates: 20 June 2020 – 27 June 2020
Lev­el: Be­gin­n­er to In­ter­me­di­ate
Lan­guage: En­glish/French
Sin­gle Oc­cu­pan­cy: From 1745€ to 2045€ in­clud­ing tui­tion & full board
Shared Oc­cu­pan­cy: From 1445€ to 1745€ in­clud­ing tui­tion & full board
Non paint­ing par­ti­ci­pants: From 995€ to 1395€ full board
All ma­te­rial is pro­vid­ed for this course


About the artist

Eban is a French-Viet­namese artist spe­cial­is­ing in wa­ter­colour. He studied graph­ic de­sign and ad­ver­tis­ing in Bor­deaux and then chose to de­vote him­self ex­clu­sive­ly to his art, cre­at­ing a unique style.

He is a de­s­cen­dent of the Ède, an in­dige­nous peo­ple of In­dochi­na with roots go­ing back mil­le­nia. This rich cul­tu­r­al her­i­tage in­flu­ences both his art and his teach­ing phi­lo­so­phy; unit­ing the crafts of an­cient Asian cus­tom with a Eu­ro­pean Beaux Arts tra­di­tion. Em­pha­sis­ing the pre­sent mo­ment, in­tui­tion, sen­si­tiv­i­ty and the cap­tur­ing of sen­sa­tions as they ap­pear, distin­guish­es his ap­proach from a more clas­si­cal West­ern one. He is in­spired by the in­ter­play of colours and dif­fer­ences in mat­ter. Each pic­ture is a step fur­ther in the quest to­wards new ex­pres­sion.

Eban ex­hibits and teach­es through­out the world.

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About the course

Wa­ter­­colour is like writ­ing with a brush on pa­per ex­press­ing the emo­­tion that lives within us at ev­ery mo­­ment. Eban’s vi­­sion of wa­ter­­colour is close to a lyri­­cal ab­s­tract ex­pres­­sion that gives pri­or­i­­ty to feel­ings, spon­­tane­i­­ty and free­­dom of ges­­ture.

Dur­ing this work­shop, Eban will guide you through a cre­a­­tive work path where the pri­or­i­­ty is to tran­scribe brief sen­sa­­tions that arise in the pre­sent mo­­ment. Pri­or­i­­ty is giv­en to in­­­tu­i­­tion and chance, led by the work of com­po­si­­tion and colour har­­mony.

Through a mix­ture of light­ness and gent­ly flow­ing in­struc­tion, Eban moves to­wards more per­so­n­alised work which gives you an op­por­tu­ni­ty to ex­pe­ri­ence the un­fold­ing and deep­en­ing of your own cre­a­tiv­i­ty dur­ing this full week-long paint­ing course at Clos Mira­bel, Pau, SW France.

Non paint­ing guests
Non paint­ing guests are most wel­come on all cours­es, please con­tact us for rates.


Rooms are in­di­vi­d­u­al­ly priced please con­tact us to dis­cuss your pref­er­ence and make a reser­va­tion.
Full Board is of­fered through­out the week ex­cept on day 4, which is a free day. Break­fasts and lunch­es are a buf­fet of re­gio­n­al pro­duce. Din­n­er is a 4 course meal in­clud­ing aper­i­tifs and wine. We cater to spe­cial di­e­tary re­quire­ments. Guests have ac­cess to the grounds and out­door swim­ming pool at Clos Mira­bel, which is part­ly heat­ed by so­lar pan­els. The price does not in­clude air or train fares.

Paint­ing Class­es at Clos Mira­bel Manor, Ju­ran­çon – Pau
Class­es will be held in the paint­ing stu­dio, the grounds of Clos Mira­bel and on lo­ca­tion in the vil­lages of the Os­sau Val­ley. The stu­dio will be avai­l­able through­out the week in­clud­ing even­ings. As well as group work, the tu­tors will pro­vide in­di­vi­d­u­al sup­port to de­vel­op your own artis­tic ex­pres­sion.
Class­es start at 10am and fin­ish at 5.30pm Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri­day. Wed­nes­day is a free day to give you the op­por­tu­ni­ty to vis­it the his­toric town of Pau.


The Pro­gramme – Dai­ly Timetable:

08.30 Break­fast
10.00 Stu­dio
In­for­mal cof­fee-tea break (fa­cil­i­ties avai­l­able in the stu­dio and the manor house)
13.00 Lunch
15.30 to 17.30 Paint­ing
19.00 Apéri­tifs
19.30 Din­n­er


Paint­ing and Gas­tron­o­my

We are pas­sio­nate about food and use fresh lo­cal pro­duce as well as pro­duce from our own gar­den.


Break­fast is a buf­fet of lo­cal and re­gio­n­al pro­duce.
Lunch is light and served ei­ther at Clos Mira­bel or as a gourmet pic­nic on lo­ca­tion.
Aper­i­tifs will be served ev­ery even­ing be­fore din­n­er.
Din­n­er is a four course meal com­prised of an en­trée, main course, cheese plat­ter and desert.
Clos Mira­bel is lo­cat­ed in a small but im­por­tant wine grow­ing re­gion. The wine that will be served and in­clud­ed with din­n­er is from lo­cal Ju­rançon vine­yards as well as from Bor­deaux and Ara­gon in Spain.
Tea and cof­fee, ti­sanes, di­ges­tifs etc will be avai­l­able af­ter din­n­er in the two sa­lons. If cool the wood burn­ing ce­ram­ic stove will be work­ing in the north sa­lon.

Ex­tra nights at Clos Mira­bel Manor

Ex­tra nights be­fore or af­ter the course can be add­ed at a pref­er­en­tial rate, sub­ject to avai­l­a­bil­i­ty in B&B or Self Ca­ter­ing Ac­com­mo­da­tion.


The Lo­ca­tion
Clos Mi­ra­­bel is lo­cat­ed in South West France a few min­utes drive from Pau with its Chateau, golf cour­s­es, race tracks and on­­ly 30 mi­nu­tes to Lour­des and Lour­des Tarbes Air­port. The lit­­tle town of Ju­rançon is 3 kms away from Clos Mi­ra­­bel.
It is less than an hour from the moun­­­tains, ski re­­sorts, cy­­cling routes and hi­k­ing paths of the Py­rénées At­lan­ti­ques. Biar­ritz, on the At­lan­tic Coast, is an hour away as is the Span­ish bor­der. San Se­bas­­tian in the Span­ish Basque Coun­try is on­­ly an hour and a half away. Bil­bao with its Gug­­gen­heim Mu­se­um is an easy day trip. Bor­deaux and Tou­louse are two hours away.

For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion on our lo­ca­tion and trav­el de­tails click here

To book a place on a Paint­ing Holi­day please con­tact us at in­fo@­clos­mira­

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