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What Can We Learn About Marriage From A Mountain?
by Heather
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Terrace, table and chairs with view of the pic d ossau mountain.The Manor House Terrace with view of the Pic d'Ossau.

As we enter 2017 our thoughts have turned to the year ahead and in particular weddings. Here at Clos Mirabel Manor , in the heart of south-west France, we’re gearing up for our first wedding of the year and we can’t help but get excited. We may be biased but with our amazing views of the Pyrenees Atlantique you really couldn’t choose a more breathtaking backdrop for your wedding day …

And a more meaningful one!

Whether you like mountains or not you can’t help but be awed and inspired by them. They are, by their very nature, solid and powerful. Through all the raging storms they have to endure, year in year out, they remain steadfast and everlasting … like a marriage should be. Our beautiful Pyrenees remind us that we too have to weather the storms of our lives and loves.

A mountaineer friend of mine has reliably informed me that climbing mountains isn’t easy. Avalanches, altitude sickness, rock falls and crevasses are just some of the many dangers they must face. Yet they carry on regardless. They find the courage, strength and tenacity to continue. Why? Because it is such a rewarding, enriching and magical experience. Like climbing a mountain, marriage is a long and sometimes arduous climb. If we quit before we reach the summit we will never experience the joy and happiness of the achievement.

Of course, Clos Mirabel is more than just its scenery.

Our 18th Century Manor House, set in 15 acres of private land, retains much of its old world charm and can comfortably accommodate 40 guests for a wedding reception, civil partnership or ceremony. Whether you opt for a rustic outdoor gathering or an elegant indoor reception in the Manor House, Clos Mirabel couldn’t be a more idyllic location for your special day.

Your photographer will love it too!

And while the happy couple are loving-it-up in the days that follow, guests can enjoy our B&B or Holiday Lets complete with pool, or explore the surrounding area.

Clos Mirabel is a few minute’s drive from Jurancon and from Pau and only 30 minutes to Lourdes. Biarritz, on the Atlantic coast, is an hour away as is the Spanish Border. San Sebastian in the Spanish Basque Country is only an hour and half away. Bordeaux and Toulouse are two hours away.

Let us help you create a day that you and your guests will remember and treasure for years.

Visit our website or check out our Facebook page today.

As Dr Seuss once said: Today is your day; your mountain is waiting, so … get on your way!

(Oh, The Places You’ll Go!)

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